Our workshop is sedt up to build high quality composite parts built to tight tolerances. Together with our partners, we offer you a wide range of services. (More information is available in our Engineering Compartment.)

5-axis CNC milling of a female foil tooling

CNC milling, 5-axis, 8000mm x 2500mm x 1200mm (with +- 0.1mm repetitious accuracy).

3D printed gooseneck for wishbone boom

3D printing, standard printing is done in polyamide (PA) by laser sinthering (SLS) for working parts with resonable pricing. Other materials and many colours are available.

NEW: We can now offer you a waterproof finish for polyamide products.

Our recent prototype projects include:

Foil Tooling - Wind Turbine Blades - X79 Mast Support Structure